Saturday, October 6, 2007

Typhoon Krosa Update...

Just in case you are following the typhoon that is headed this way, I just thought that I would let you all know that we are fine. The power just came back on... it was only out for like 5 minutes... it keeps flickering though so who knows how long it will be on. Yesterday we went out and bought plenty of water and stuff to eat in case we are without power. We have a gas stove so we will be able to cook. They say it should not get to bad here. All we have had thus far is wind and rain. And the gust of wind are very random. Just keep us in your prayers along with the other teams that are over here. There is a team in Taoyuen which is right near Taipei. There is a team in Nantou which is on the other side of the island than us. And there is a team on Jimgman Island... I'm not quite sure where they sit. But if you could, just keep us all in your prayers.

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